Yu Kurosaki Fujin VG10 Petty 120mm

$329.00 AUD


Style: Petty
Blade Length: 120mm
Overall Length: 245mm
Weight: 73g
Blade Height @ Heel: 47mm
Bevel: Double Bevel
Spine Thickness @ Heel: 2.3mm
Spine Thickness @ Mid: 2mm
Blade Material: VG10 Core, Stainless Tsuchime Clad
Handle Material: Octagon Snakewood
HRC: ~61



Blade Type

The Bunka knife, a versatile and traditional Japanese kitchen tool, features a distinctive, angular tip and a wide blade. It's designed for precision tasks like slicing, dicing, and chopping. Ideal for handling vegetables, meat, and fish, the Bunka is a multifunctional knife celebrated for its utility and unique aesthetic.

Steel Type

Japanese SG2, also known as R2 steel, is a high-end, powdered metallurgy stainless steel and one of the finest knife-making steels available in Japan. It is a favourite of many for its exceptional hardness and edge retention. Its fine, uniform grain structure enables razor-sharp edges, all the while holding an edge for much longer than Carbon steel knives, without needing to be concerned about rust appearing.

Recommended Maintenance

Store it in a dry environment using magnetic strips, knife rolls, or sayas. Avoid hitting hard or frozen objects and twisting the blade while cutting. These knives are not dishwasher safe. Clean with hot water and a soft cloth, and dry immediately after use to prevent rust spots on the high carbon steel. For more information please read the blog below.


Yu Kurosaki

Yu Kurosaki is now one of the most well-known blacksmiths in Japan. He experienced a rapid rise to fame through his beautiful knife aesthetics, his thin grinds, and use of exotic steels like SG2, HAP40, and stainless-clad Blue Super. The Fujin was among one of the first lines of his that contributed to this fame. The striking Tsuchime finish is now instantly recognizable and is truly a piece to be experienced first-hand.

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Knife Care

This knife is made from a high-carbon, semi-stainless steel and will be robust and resistant to rust. While it will not rust quickly like pure carbon, it is still best practice to not leave this knife wet for extended periods as it's stain-less, not stain-none! A light patina (colouration and seasoning of the steel) will still form over time.

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