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Chefs Edge

A little about us

The birth of Chefs Edge stemmed from a passion for home cooking, for fine handcrafted goods, and a deep appreciation for the Japanese artisans and their traditional crafts that date back hundreds of years. We (Ben and Sam) started Chefs Edge from the ground up as a home business over 5 years ago with a simple ethos in mind - provide the best products, for the best price, with the best customer service possible. 

Since 2018 we’ve experienced growth that has taken us both by surprise. So much so, that a small startup celebrating our first ever sale has grown into a full time job, with a permanent store in the heart of the Perth CBD. We attribute this rapid growth  to the above ethos. We want to be an approachable, friendly retailer that you know on a first name basis and trust to look after you.

How we work

It’s hard to deny the allure of a knife crafted by hand in a world of sterile, mass produced goods. We work directly with teams of talented blacksmiths from Japan and around the world to brighten your kitchen experience like no one else can. We strive to provide impeccable customer service, knives of the highest quality, and support for handmade artisan goods above all else.