Why Are Japanese Knives Never In Stock?

The Japanese knife industry is constantly producing new knives, and the demand for them is huge. The majority of these knives are made in small batches, which means that they can be difficult to find. And when you do find one, it will likely be out of stock. In this article, we examine the real reasons why Japanese knives are rarely in stock and how to track down rare knives that are in stock.

Why are Japanese knives never in stock?

Good Japanese knives are a rarity in Australia. This is because the Japanese knife industry is relatively small, and the demand for their products is much higher than what they can supply. Here are some of the main reasons why rare Japanese knives are so hard to find:

Small batches

Japanese knives are made by hand in small batches. Some blacksmiths work in small workshops completely alone, completing the planning, forging, shaping, grinding, sharpening, and final finishing all by themselves. This results in long wait times for retailers whilst the emphasis on quality control means that each knife undergoes rigorous testing and inspection before being shipped out.

Collector items

Japanese knives are extremely popular among collectors. The quality of the craftsmanship and steel used in making them makes them highly sought-after by knife enthusiasts. As more people want to get their collector Japanese knives, they become harder to get. The second reason is a bit more complicated, not many are made in one go. Every blacksmith has their way and pace of working and doesn't want to expand their existing workshops to make more. They spend most of their time making just enough knives to keep up with the demand.

Old-fashioned shipping

Another reason why Japanese knives are not restocked quickly is that the majority of these knives are transported on freight ships around the continents. It does take longer to get products to their destination, but it also means that they can be transported in a more environmentally-friendly way. It also means that the products are less likely to be damaged in transit since they do not have to travel as far or as fast as they would if they were sent by other means of transport such as by plane.

How to track down rare knives that are in stock

Japanese knives are a rare find for Australian customers, but you can track them down with a little perseverance and patience. Here are a few ways how:

Use ‘Notify me when available’

Our website has a ‘Notify me when available’ feature for all our sold-out knives, so you can get notified when it comes back in stock and add them to your cart. Waitlists operate on a first come first served basis, however, so if you want to be the first person to know when your knife is available, be sure to check back frequently. Rare knives sell out quickly, so don't wait too long or someone else might beat you to it!

Use substitutions

If you're struggling to track down a super-rare knife, look at alternatives. If you're looking for a specific knife but can't find it, don't give up hope! Instead, look at other ultra-thin knives or high-performing steel knives as substitutions if they’re the kind of knives you want. They won't be exactly what you want, but they'll still make a great addition to your collection.

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