Guide to buying a chef’s knife

If you’re a budding home cook or you’re looking to start working as a chef, you’ll need a knife that’s fit for the role. However, finding the perfect chef’s knife can be a difficult task, since each brand has something unique to offer. Find out more about how to find the perfect chef’s knife for you, and why picking out the perfect knife is a must for any cook.

How to buy a chef’s knife

There are several steps to follow when buying a chef’s knife, each is a must when finding a knife that suits your specific needs. Some of the steps in picking
the right chef’s knife for you include:

1. What is your technique?

Different knives work differently depending on your technique. Chopping and slicing, for example, are two unique methods of cutting ingredients but require different tools. If you’re looking for a knife that’s perfect for slicing, a thinner blade is better suited, with a curve helping you to rock the knife back and forth across the ingredient. Heavier flat blades are better for chopping as they get through ingredients with ease.

2. How much does the knife weigh?

The weight of a knife is one of the more significant factors. People with high levels of wrist strength sometimes prefer a heavier weight as it allows for more deliberate movements, whereas others prefer a lighter blade that is simpler to manipulate. Think about your preferences first to help you work out which option is best for you.

3. Does aesthetic matter?

Consider whether or not the look of the knife you use matters. Some people have a theme running throughout their kitchen, for example sleek, steel finishes or lighter colours. If this is the case, consider which of the blades on your shortlist will suit the look of your kitchen best. The appearance of a knife doesn’t matter to everyone, but if it matters to you, there are lots of options.

4. Can you maintain the blade?

Finally, think about the maintenance needs of all of the knives left on your list. This involves being able to regularly sharpen and hone your knife, in addition to cleaning it thoroughly after every use. Consider a carbon knife if you think that you will struggle with maintaining the blade, as this is a far harder material that takes longer to wear down and lose its effectiveness after day-to-day use.

Why the right knife matters

Finding the right knife makes a big difference to your cooking. A knife with the wrong weight can lead to poor quality cutting, and one that wears down too quickly can be unsafe if it slips on ingredients mid-cut. Taking your time to choose the right knife makes all the difference to the quality of your cooking.

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