Gifting A Japanese Knife - Making the right choice

Which Japanese knife makes the best gift?

Whether it’s a special birthday or an anniversary gift, a fine Japanese knife is a cut above and will be sure to impress. For that person in your life who is an aspiring foodie, loves cooking or would like to take their skills to the next level, a Japanese knife makes an excellent gift for the person who has everything. With everyone spending more time at home, it’s time to take those cooking talents to the next level, and with our range of knives available in Australia, it’s never been easier to find the perfect gift. If you’re new to Japanese knives, a few easy questions can help you decide the perfect gift. The best way to consider what knife suits best is to think about how the lucky recipient will be using it.


For the barbeque lover - Sujihiki

Does your partner love to show off their skills with the American roaster or Tomahawk steaks? Do they like to roll out slabs of beef and flash their knife in the air as they prepare for a hungry crowd? Is there a touch of the theatre in the way they wield their blade? Consider the Okeya Ginsun Sujihiki. This beautiful blade is handcrafted by a father and son team in Miki City Hyogo and features a long blade made with Ginsan, a high carbon stainless steel. With all the benefits of a Carbon Steel without the extra maintenance or worry about rust. The understated elegance of the handle is enhanced by the fine Kanji etched on the blade. It’s a serious blade and it’s seriously lovely to look at.


For the everyday go-to knife – Santoku

For someone that loves to cook but mainly sticks to smaller meat and veg, the Santoku is the perfect introduction to Japanese knives. Try the Tadafusa Seido Santoku. Based on a carbon steel cutting edge but clad in stainless up the side of the blade, it’s easier to maintain than some other carbon steel knives due to the stainless cladding. In a sleek black box, this Octagon handled piece with a Nashiji or “Pear Skin” style finish is a looker and sure to impress.


For the fisherman – Deba

The fish markets are their happy place – they love to wander comparing the different offerings and choosing just the right cuts to create their masterpieces. Whether they’re trying to impress you or a whole crowd of friends, they like to delight with their skills and mastery. The best option here is the Deba knife – perfect for fish filleting. With a single edged blade, it is a specialty knife for filleting and removing the heads from fish, rather than general purpose cutting. Try the Ishikawa Blue 2 Deba 180 MM. The maker of this knife puts his emphasis on performance, not appearance, but you wouldn’t know this from looking at this spectacular understated blade. Sometimes a whisper says more than a shout.


For the allrounder – Bunka

They watch MasterChef and Iron Chef and call out the contestants for bad technique. They are most happy taking on food challenges in their own home. They believe you should only have one kitchen knife…and that knife should be an amazing allrounder. Buy them the Kanjo HAP40 Bunka and watch them clap their hands with glee at the stunning polished blade with dimple hammer-marks from the blacksmith, and a lightweight, waterproof handle made from timber and resin. 


For the faster vegetable chopper in the house – Nakiri

Just because you’re chopping vegetables or whipping up a vegan feast doesn’t mean you can’t have superior performance and a blade to match. They love to show off their knife skills with a “who me? I’m just here cutting up veggies” flourish, as they whirl the whole produce section of their cutting board into a wok. One great suggestion is the Shiro Kamo Shirogami 2 Damascus Nakiri. This is a pure carbon steel knife, and is recommended for those that love their chef knives and don’t mind the extra maintenance. Shirogami is a pure carbon steel with no stainless elements, so be sure to keep that blade dry immediately after use and watch that beautiful blue and purple patina develop on the blade. Featuring the stylish octagonal blade in sexy black walnut, and a delightfully thin grind, the aspiring chef will enjoy slicing and dicing like they’re demonstrating on a cooking show. Why should the meat-eaters be the only ones to get the great knives?


Buy your loved one a Japanese knife today


So there you have it, some great ideas for a special someone who richly deserves it. The best part of giving a knife is that each of these Japanese knives has a rich history and culture that goes with them and will become heirlooms over time. They are truly a gift that will get a lot of use and will stand the test of time. Of course, you don’t have to give them away – you could always find one for yourself on this list. Order today from Chefs Edge.