Seki Kanetsugu Zuiun Kiritsuke 210mm
Seki Kanetsugu Zuiun Kiritsuke 210mm
Seki Kanetsugu Zuiun Kiritsuke 210mm
Seki Kanetsugu Zuiun Kiritsuke 210mm
Seki Kanetsugu Zuiun Petty 150mm

Seki Kanetsugu ‘Zuiun’ SG2 Kiritsuke 210mm

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Blade Length:210mm
Blade Height @ Heel:45mm
Bevel:Double Bevel
Spine Thickness @ Heel:2.3mm
Spine Thickness @ Mid:2.2mm
Blade Material:SG2 Core, Mirror Finish Stainless Damascus Cladding
Handle Material:Heptagon Pakka Wood w/Decorative Mosaic Pin


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Assorted Blacksmiths
Seki, Japan

BLACKSMITH INTRO – Seki Kanetsugu was founded in 1918 by Matsujiro Kawamura, who’s bloodline traces back to a swordsmith by the name of Kanetsugu, making Katanas in 1345. He prides himself on producing the best knives possible to honour Kanetsugu’s name.

Using a combination of traditional blacksmithing techniques and modern technology, the knives of the Zuiun line perform superbly whilst paying homage to their roots. This Zuiun series is a celebration of the 100 year anniversary of Seki Kanetsugu, and offers a mirror finished blade with a high-performance SG2 core with a limited edition Heptagon handle. They present beautifully in the Palownia wooden display box.

STEEL BREAKDOWN – SG2 is our favourite steel for kitchen knives. It is a scarce exotic alloy made by Hitachi Metals Japan, with all the performance (and more) of a carbon steel, with the added benefits of stainless steel. These knives come in at 63HRC.

Care Information
  • Washing – Dry your knives as soon as possible after washing and do not leave them wet for extended periods of time. Store in a cool, dry place. No dishwasher use!.
  • Cutting – Cut on wood chopping boards only, and do not hit/cut/chop frozen vegetables, bones, or hard objects, as the blade can chip or break.
  • Sharpening – We recommend you use a whetstone to sharpen this blade. We have a full range of sharpening tools here.