Kawamura Shirogami Nakiri 165mm

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Style: Nakiri
Blade Length: 165mm
Weight: 154grms
Blade Material: Shirogami Carbon Steel core + Stainless Steel Clad
Handle Material: Octagon Walnut/Ebony Bolster
HRC: 61

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Kawamura Knives - Quality & Sharpness

Staying modest and out of the spotlight, Mr. Kawamura produces his knives in small quantities in Sanjo, Niogata. He has been working to perfect his artform for over 40 years, and his kitchen knives sharpness rival the performance of the major brands  without the price tag. The fit and finish of all his knives are superb

He prefers to utilise a core (cutting edge) of Shirogami or “White Steel”, sandwiched between 2 layers of stainless steel, which is then hammered to produce a beautifully unique finish, something Mr. Kawamura is very well known for. The knives are finished with an octagonal walnut and ebony handle, and are light, durable, and a great addition to any kitchen.


These knives are incredibly sharp, and as such has a very fine cutting edge. Cut on plastic or wood chopping boards only, and do not hit/cut/chop frozen vegetables, bones, or hard objects, as the blade may chip or break.

Do not twist or torque the blade whilst cutting, as this may also chip the cutting edge.

No dishwasher use!
Use a cloth with hot water to wipe the blade, no scourers or abrasives as this may ruin the blade finish. Dry your knives as soon as possible after washing and do not leave them wet for extended periods of time. Store in a cool, dry place. Your small knife box is perfect.

It is recommended you use a whetstone to sharpen this blade. We sell sharpening stones here in our online store, and there is plenty of learning material on YouTube to upskill yourself. Better yet, pay a professional a small fee to sharpen your blade. You invested money buying a fantastic quality knife, so spend a small amount to ensure it serves you well for many years to come.