Blenheim Forge Gyuto


Blenheim Forge Gyuto

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Blade Length:220mm
Blade Material:Blue Paper Steel
Handle Material:Walnut with solid copper ferrule

Knife Care Pack

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Yoshoku 30cm Magnetic Knife Holder

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Blenheim Forge
London - UK

ABOUT BLENHEIM – Originating and based in Peckham, South London; Blenheim Forge is the steel workshop of bladesmiths Jon Warshawsky, James Ross-Harris, and Richard Warner, in which they create hand-forged quality kitchen knives.

Self-taught; knife making began as a hobby that James Ross-Harris and Jon Warshawsky cultivated in their back garden on a hand-made forge, fuelled by a blend of charcoal.

STEEL BREAKDOWN – Blue Paper steel is probably the most commonly used carbon steel in Japanese chef knives. It also is one of the highest hardness knife steels available when quenched and treated well.

It is a reactive carbon steel, essentially white steel with added chromium, carbon, and tungsten. This results in a knife that does not rust or patina quite as easily as White Steel, and holds an edge for longer.

Care Information
  • Washing – Dry your knives as soon as possible after washing and do not leave them wet for extended periods of time. Store in a cool, dry place. No dishwasher use!.
  • Cutting – Cut on wood chopping boards only, and do not hit/cut/chop frozen vegetables, bones, or hard objects, as the blade can chip or break.
  • Sharpening – We recommend you use a whetstone to sharpen this blade. We have a full range of sharpening tools here.