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It’s hard to deny the allure of a knife crafted by hand in a world of sterile, mass produced goods. Chefs Edge works with teams of talented blacksmiths from Japan and around the world to brighten your kitchen experience like no one else can. We strive to provide impeccable customer service, Japanese chef knives of the highest quality, and support for handmade artisan goods above all else.

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Kisuke Japanese Knives

Care and Learning

Seki Kanetsugu Zuiun Kiritsuke 210mm

Why Japanese Knives Australia?

Why Japanese Knives Australia? Take a dive into the wonderful world of Japanese chef knives, and why they're considered to be the best in the world.There is a certain romanticism associated with fine goods that are crafted by hand. Japanese chef knives are forged with precision and care, steeped in...

Japanese Chef Knives – The Nakiri

Japanese Chef Knives - The Nakiri Most of us know there's a Japanese chef knife for just about everything: knives for meat and knives for fish. Meanwhile, the Western-style chef's knife or Japanese Gyuto knife quite literally do everything. You've got great options when it comes to Japanese knives in...

Suehiro Small Leather Strop

Caring for your Japanese Chef Knife

Caring for your Japanese Chef Knife Japanese chef knives need a little more care than your regular off the shelf knives. But don't be afraid, looking after them is easier than you think.So you’ve taken the plunge and bought your first ‘real’ chef knife. As you gaze at it with...