About Chefs Edge

Family-owned and operated company
Focusing on customer service and top quality products

Born from a love of Japanese culture and the hard work, dedication, and unrivaled skill of its blacksmiths, Chefs Edge exists to provide you the best knives that money can buy. What sets up apart from the rest, you ask About Us?

We believe through and through that the devil is in the detail. Some retailers might offer ‘Japanese Steel knives’ that have been stamped on an assembly line like any other off the shelf product. Some may offer ‘Japanese knives’ made from inferior steel types with low carbon content. Read the fine print before making your purchase!

Chefs Edge will only ever offer products we truly believe in. Artisan, small batch chef knives made from the highest quality steels available on the market (Blue Steel, White Steel, Powder Steel), by Japan’s top blacksmiths.

Ask any chef, it’s no secret that Japanese kitchen knives are among the best in the world. Steeped in hundreds of years of sword-making tradition, these techniques have filtered down through the generations to produce the highest quality kitchen knives that money can buy. Utilising our ever-expanding network of Japanese blacksmiths we strive to not only grow into Australia’s leading kitchen knife retailer, but to offer these knives with an unparalleled level of personalised customer service and support.

The Yoshikane bundle is fantastic and the aftersales Service from the team at Chefs edge has been exemplary. Wont hesitate to purchase more in the futur!.

-- Blake Morris