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It’s hard to deny the allure of a knife crafted by hand in a world of sterile, mass produced goods. Chefs Edge works with teams of talented blacksmiths from Japan and around the world to brighten your kitchen experience like no one else can. We strive to provide impeccable customer service, Japanese chef knives of the highest quality, and support for handmade artisan goods above all else.

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santoku knife

Japanese Chef Knives – The Santoku Knife

Japanese Chef Knives - The Santoku KnifeJapanese kitchen knives are legendary around the world.  The precision of Japanese cuisine naturally requires a range of incredibly specific tools, and for many, this is part of the fascination. Specialist tools like Sashimi knives play an essential part in this cuisine. However, few people realize that the real stalwart of all Japanese kitchen knives is the Santoku knife.  This versatile blade is a must for budding chefs with interest in Japanese cuisine. The market...

Kato SG2 Nakiri

Japanese Chef Knives – The Nakiri

Japanese Chef Knives - The NakiriMost of us know there's a Japanese chef knife for just about everything: knives for meat and knives for fish. Meanwhile, the Western-style chef's knife or Japanese Gyuto knife quite literally do everything. You've got great options when it comes to Japanese knives in Australia. But did you know there's a knife just for cutting vegetables, too? In Japanese cooking, that blade is the Nakiri knife. You might think that any blade will do to...

Japanese Chef Knives – The Gyuto Knife

Japanese Chef Knives - The GyutoWhen we talk about Japanese chef knives in Australia, the one you may be most familiar with is the Gyuto knife. It is the Japanese version of the western chef's knife and is very versatile — it can be used for everything from chopping vegetables to slicing different kinds of meat.  Let's dive into the origins and history of this tool, and the different ways you might use Gyuto knives in Australia.What Exactly Is It?As...

The definitive guide to Japanese knife steels

The definitive guide to Japanese knife steels It’s the business end of the chef knife, the part that does the real work. The core steel of your knife, or the cutting edge, is one of the most important aspects in determining how your knife performs. The grind, balance, weight and size of a knife are also important, but often the debate rages on what the best core steel is to use for a knife.  Is ZDP-189 worth the cost? Is VG-10 any good?...